It hit me hard. I realized I'd been ignoring my skin for my entire life. Occasionally, like many Americans, I'd buy a tube of face wash, or try a new department store counter's skin products. But I never really saw any difference, so never saw any value in attending to my facial care. Before my husband and I got married, we both stated euphorically that we were glad I wasn't a high-maintenance makeup type. But many moves (overseas and here in the States) and many babies later, I realized I wasn't happy with the quality of my skin. You reap what you sow. So now, I hope you'll join us on our adventure of trying and reviewing skin care products--I love helping people and hearing that they have found things that work for them.

Over on my Nerdery page you can read through resources I find valuable. I have learned so much and wanted to be sure you can find great resources for your skin care journey.

I'm just a mom who's passionate about skin care. Part nerd, but full Face Freak.