Life and Routines

Hi Face Freaks,

When we realize how much better our skin can be once we adopt a routine and we stick to it, changing the bad habits of ignoring our faces, so much changes. I appreciate days when my kids are happy and playing well and it seems easy to slip away upstairs in the morning to do my skincare regimen. But life often has other plans for us. Oh my! Now it's 10am and we all need to get ready to leave for swimming lessons, and none of the kids are ready, and my face still hasn't been done, and where the heck is my bathing suit anyway?! So we make do with a hastened routine, or we do a partial routine so that we can do one again when we return with sunscreen covered cheeks and hot faces. Sometimes people new to having a routine find this part very challenging--but my baby only naps from blank to blank time and I need my shower to be then. So, guess what? We get to change. We have to change our minds a little bit--purposefully turning toward the good goal and making it a priority while we form new habits. This is so normal, and obviously common in any area of change in life. 

So here is my suggestion--try to make it a habit in the morning or evening to shower. Mid day showers really make keeping with a routine difficult. I suppose it's certainly possible, but you might find yourself using a lot more product compared to others. 
I'm going to use my example from above about swimming lessons to give you an idea of how I shifted my day recently. I knew I was going to be outside with children at a pool in the mid morning. So instead of doing my full routine early on, I used a simple milk cleanser, then a lactic acid toner, then rose water, and an excellent skin health boosting serum and eye treatments. Moisturizer and sunscreen went last. 

When I got home I did a double cleanse to get off that sunscreen--an oil based cleanser and another milk cleanser, then I proceeded with my normal routine. It was a nice way to chill out after the craziness of the pool, and my full routine still got done. 

Life will keep you on your toes. Especially when you're starting, keeping yourself on track, and knowing that a bit of flexibility here and there won't hurt. There's no need to make yourself worried or anxious--this isn't that important! But you will get the best results out of your skin if you try to keep it going smoothly and the same as much as possible, day in and day out.

Speak soon, Face Freaks.
Go rock your day!

Alysha Jones