The First Few Weeks


Helloooooo Face Freaks! 

Let's talk about the ramp up period when you start the routine. I feel like this timeframe doesn't get enough discussion, but it's critical you understand so that you don't feel confusion and disappointment. When I first started the routine, it took me 15 days before I saw a change in a good way. Everyone's skin is different, and so each person is going to go through the first two to three weeks a little bit differently, but what I can say is that a LOT of people get shiny. Like Germaine singing Shiny in Mooana shiny; Super duper shiny with stars and asterisks and OMGosh emojis. I was part of an online skincare discussion group at that time, and I was so grateful to have a support network during those two weeks. What they told me is that everything was going to be okay. 

I had a doctor's appointment about a week into starting my routine, and I cannot remember the last time I felt so self-conscious and embarrassed about my appearance. I felt like my skin was dripping oil. It was palpable and I couldn't do anything about it. I went to the bathroom and saw my face in the mirror and was horrified! I wouldn't have wanted my closest friends to see me that way let alone total strangers. So I had to remember, this will pass. This will pass. This WILL pass. If I hadn't had the support of others, though, I might have thought, "This is clearly not working," and given up way too soon. Just one week later I was going to start seeing and feeling a difference. My husband would tell me my skin looked amazing. My neighbor was going to say my skin looked different. Because it WAS.


The first picture all the way to the left is about two weeks before starting the routine, and the next is one about a week later. My skin was dull. I didn't even realize how dry and lifeless it felt and looked. The third picture and all the way until the second to the last to the right are all pictures on different days as I was progressing through the first two weeks of the routine. SHINY!!! My last picture on the right is 15 days into my routine. My skin was totally different. It wasn't oily or greasy anymore. It was just happy and glowing.

Persist! Find a community! Read lots of Caroline Hirons' blogs and cheat sheets! You can do it. If you need more help, I will be setting up a Patreon account via my YouTube videos and one option will be receiving my help curating a skincare package for you individually when you support me via Patreon. Please contact me if you need more information about that. I'm not an expert, but I love helping people find products that are a good fit for them and that fit in their budgets. I would love to help you start this amazing experience of transforming your skin! 

Until next time, Face Freaks, keep calm and routine on.