Deciem’s Drench by Dr Esho

I heard about Dr Esho’s lip treatment line coming out in mid-September, and I was very excited by what this cosmetic surgeon could whip up in Deciem’s labs. He created three products to start: Drench, Sculpt, and Pause.

Pause is for those who have had lip fillers, to help their work last a bit longer in between fills, Sculpt is to enhance the shape and volume of one’s lips, and Drench is for hydration. I knew Fall would be here soon in North America, and that my lips often need a bit more assistance during that seasonal change in particular, so I bought Drench on the day of launch, and I had the box in my hands (MIRACLE) two days later on Friday, September 29, 2017. I was extremely excited to try it.


My first impression was filled with disappointment. Although the squeeze tube is gorgeous, it really isn't easy to decant. The product is slightly too fluid to squeeze out properly without waste, and hard to apply where you really want it. I think a wand would have been nicer, personally.

Next you get hit with an overwhelming feeling that you’re sitting in a long plastic covered chair, and you're about to be injected by a dentist, but first he numbs your gums with a gel. The flavor and aroma are gag worthy. The taste is supposedly “Natural Guava” but only if natural means intensely, sickly sweet. That is difficult to get over. The product claims,

“unlike traditional lip hydration offerings that use mainly oils and waxes to coat the surface of the lips for an immediate masking of dehydration, DRENCH uses water reservoirs to offer lasting water hydration to the lips. The lightweight formula acts as an instant, non-oily hydrator that helps maintain comfortable water content with continued use.”

Aside from my piddly problems thus far with Drench, had it delivered the hydration promised I would have been incredibly happy. However, it was a struggle to use it for two weeks twice a day per the recommendation. It felt immediately dry. And later in the morning my lips would start to crack slightly and get chapped. Every. Day. I honestly didn’t want to use it after the first try, but I considered the possibility that there was a ramp up period to using it, where your skin has to change and accept what it was being conditioned with. So, I persisted. It was not pleasant!

I did finally get to the point where I was much better at applying the absolute minimum to just touch every part of my lips with no run over (into my mouth was the most common, and it was that nasty false flavor you would be met with.) But I couldn’t get past the Sahara desert-ness, the hopelessness of the dryness. It was oh so easy to give up.

So that’s it Freaks. I’m going to pack it up in its box very soon, and send it back to Deciem (100% YAY for their 365 day return policy!). I wish I had nicer things to report, but as you all know, not every thing works for every person, and this was an utter fail for me.

I do want to say that I deeply respect Dr Esho’s work with acid burning victims in restoring their lips to a more normal them. I highly recommend you look him up on Instagram and see some of his humanitarian work. He’s a cool dude. Additionally, I see that he has three more products on his page now (which I hope do splendidly), and has also released an unflavored version of Sculpt. Everything is out of stock, so perhaps some things are being re-vamped a bit. One can hope! 

If you've used Drench or any of his other products, I would love to hear your perspective below! 



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