Deciem’s NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) Copper Amino Isolate Solution (CAIS)


Deciem’s NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Solution (CAIS)

Cost: $60 for 15ml or $90 for 30ml

This is NIOD's serum to give you healthy skin. It’s like the foundation of the home upon which you build--if you don't have a solid base, it's hard to create healthy adjustments above. I’m not sure if it’s done anything or not, honestly. I can't decide if I will repurchase it or not. But a lot of people say that they see massive changes with it. Or, that after taking it out of their routines, THEN they see what a huge difference it has made. All I know is that Brandon Truaxe (Deciem's founder) has said that he uses this and Sanskrit Saponins every day.

Update: Today, 8/6/17 was the first day I didn't use CAIS. I got almost two months out of one 15ml bottle. I am going to leave it off of my routine and see if I see any changes for the worse. I will update readers in a few weeks.

8/14/17 Update: So far I have two persistent dry patches of skin underneath the outside corners of my lower eyes. I started using The Ordinary's Argireline 10% on my forehead and around that outer eye area to spot treat dynamic wrinkle folds a few days before I stopped using CAIS. So, I'm going to stop using Argireline for several days now that the dryness hasn't gone away to see if it is that product drying me out.

I've also been basically pimple free for what feels like a looooong time for me. But this week I have developed three. Again, just mentioning it as everything else is the same in my routine, and the last time it was hormonal time, I didn't break out while I was using CAIS. More thoughts to come soon. 


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