Deciem NIOD's (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) Flavanone Mud


Deciem’s NIOD Flavonone Mud

$39 for 50 ml bottle

I get all silly reading their product information on this one…three masks in one?!?! Sign me up! I decided to pop on the product as my very first mask, despite the price point. I haven’t been disappointed. I measured some out into 5mL pots so I could see how far a specific measurement would go. I think I use about 1mL per mask. So at about 50 masks, this is actually an excellent value for an outstanding mask.

I hear a lot of chatter in the skin care world about people longing for more tingle, more burn, more DOING SOMETHING!!! Well, this is it, if you like to feel like a product is active, and then be able to see a difference. I cannot ever remember my skin feeling as soft as it does after using this mask.

Buy and learn


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