The Herbjar's Natural Face Cream, Oily Skin


The HerbJar’s Natural Face Cream

$23 (GBP 18 plus shipping) for 50 ml jar

This lovely offering comes from England, and is also a small, woman owned business. When we were blessed enough to live in England for three years, the owner, Luca, used to be my neighbor. She is the sweetest and kindest person, and has a passion for making skincare products without water, thereby negating the need for preservatives. Genius! She makes beautiful and thoughtful products.

Her face creams are pretty much exactly like a cleansing balm--you’d rub a small amount into your face, then use a warm, damp washcloth to remove it. They remove makeup with aplomb.

I’ve linked to her Oily Skin cream, because it is the only one which doesn’t contain Shea butter. If you have acne and want to be able to use it to both clean your face and use it for a moisturizer, grab the Shea free variety. You can likely use any of the creams she offers to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. As long as you’re taking the cream off well, it shouldn’t be a problem. No guarantees, but you’ll probably be fine. If you’re at all worried about breakouts, go Shea free.