Radha Organics Rosewater


I love this stuff. It’s so simple, smells divine, and it sprays well. (I mean it--I have another higher end brand's mist, and their spray mechanism broke, and was not a fine mist to begin with. I'm on my second bottle of that product, which I really like, but the new bottle's sprayer is exactly the same.)

My kids love it when I spritz them. Even my two year old inhales with delight when I spray a bit over the top of his head. [ADORABLE!]

I appreciate that compared to many other brands who feel the need to add in extras--I'm talking to you preservatives--Radha has left it simple: water...that's been steeped with roses. Bam.

A refreshing toner is my favorite way to give a low viscosity serum a bit of GO when you apply them, wasting less expensive product. If you have a serum that is precious, if you have a serum that is almost like water, then a simple product like this can really save you some money and help your little bit of product spread across your face evenly.

Buy (Usually less than $13 for a 4 fl oz bottle!)


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