Rodan + Fields' (R+F ’s) Lash Boost



Rodan + Fields' (R+F ’s) Lash Boost Enhancements

Cost: $150 Retail or $135 Preferred Customer Pricing

Caveat: I abhor MLM companies (Multi-Level-Marketing), but I have to say this product truly works. I’ve been using it for almost 18 weeks and my tube still feels like it has plenty of product in it. I’ve heard some people think they’ll get a year out of it, although slow ingredient degradation is likely.

I’ve had pale, short lashes my entire life. I have always had to use a lash curler. Always. My hope using this product was that I would not have to use mascara any more. While that is not the case (yet?!) my lashes are darker, and so much longer. For my lashes, it took longer than Rodan and Fields' claim of approximately eight weeks for me to see results. My sales rep, a dear friend of ours, and I joked many times during my journey--I would state that I must be "one of those people" it was not going to do anything for. And she patiently assured me to keep on using it. And I'm grateful she did.

My husband says it’s very obvious the product works, and he’s a huge skeptic. I still have to stop occasionally and blurt out, "Are you really sure I've not made this change up in my mind?!" to which his immediate response is, "No way! Your lashes are totally longer!" 

What has amazed me is that my lashes are now long enough that I never have to curl them anymore. They are stronger, and I lose less of them during cleaning. They just look really good! For the first time in my life I have to be careful not to brush mascara onto the tops of my eyelid area, because I have to take my mascara wand so much further up than I used to. I don’t know if I’ll shell out for another tube when this one is gone, or if I’ll try a less expensive lash serum instead. Time will tell once I finally run out, and I’ll post again once I decide.

If you want to try a product that will work, there is a dang good chance that this is going to do it. It might take 12 weeks like it did for me, but I'm terrifically pleased with what I've seen it do. Having longer lashes frames my face in a way I never thought was possible. And, realistically, my original goal of not having to wear any mascara IS possible now. But it is so gratifying seeing how beautiful my eyes look with mascara, that not having to cheat and beg with a lash curler for my lashes to look like I had any length at all is a treat. 

Swiping a quick stroke of the serum across the tops of your lashes once a night before bed is really easy to get in the groove of doing. I was ultra-religious about doing it to start, and I know that paid off, as I can honestly say that in 18 weeks of use, I've only forgotten four times. Take pictures when you start and along the way, too, because it's really hard to be objective when you're hoping for a quick change. Maybe you'll be a lucky early grower, and it will be easy to tell. For me, photo evidence was really necessary to keep my attitude good that I hadn't wasted my money.

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*Felted and adorned art made by our aunt, Debra Jones.