Deciem’s NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser


Deciem’s NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

Cost $28

Crazy sounding name for some cool, earthy science. This is a mix between a masque and a daily skin cleanser. I’ve read it described as smelling like chocolate upon application. I don’t quite get that vibe, but it is extremely pleasant. I have more thoughts about that and I’ll put them into a video review soon. It made my skin feel better prepared to receive my acid toner of choice—I’ve tried Biologique Recherche’s P50W 1970, and NIP+FAB extreme pads both with equal success afterwards, and I assume it will work well with others. My skin felt really clean and smooth, but not stripped after using it.

I’ve followed their normal directions to wet your face, apply to wet hands, work into a lather, and then apply to face and wash off. I didn’t feel like that worked well, so I tried applying it with dry hands the second time, with better success. Lastly, I’ve also applied it straight from my fingertip directly onto dry skin, gently rubbing it in to my face, and then I let it dry for up to ten minutes. It changes consistency and suddenly goes shiny, smooth, and dry. That’s when I wash it off in running water, removing the tiny last remnants with a warm, wrung out washcloth.

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