Deciem's The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution


I have quite a few acid toners in my arsenal. The very first one I tried was cult classic Pixi Beauty's Glow Tonic (short review here) and I really didn't care for it. It was sticky for me. I didn't like the smell. (And I promise you, I realize that doesn't matter if a product works for you!) It made me feel oilier and less...I don't know...fresh? I decided to kick mainly glycolic acid to the curb, I had some birthday spending money, and I went whole hog and splurged on a Biologique Recherche P50 product. It was a total difference. It just worked (even though it smells like a chemical factory). 

When Deciem came out with their glycolic toner earlier last year I wasn't interested in it. I already had great products that worked well for me, and I was a bit leery of glycolic only acid products after my experience with Pixi Glow. A few months ago I finally decided it was time to test out my theory that glycolic acid wasn't a perfect AHA for me so I bought The Ordinary's. I was really surprised. It was great. Like really great, Freaks. It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. It smells fine: just a very faint unripened melon smell (not musky at all like melon can smell. This is like green, unripened melon rind.) The value is on point as well. In comparison to Pixi's, at $0.15/mililiter, The Ordinary's is $0.036/mililiter. Even if it's the only thing you order from them and you have to pay $5 shipping, it's still only $0.057/mililiter. 

Although its 3.8 pH is technically a little too acidic to use with their EUK134 antioxidant, it's pretty close to their recommendation of an acid level of 4 or less (4-7 pH: water is a seven). Fairly recently Deciem has said that they are okay to use in the same routine. And if you spritz afterward with a hydrating mist or toner with a pH somewhere in that 4-7 range, you're probably just fine using them in conjunction with each other, in my opinion. 

Technicalities aside, I'd love for them to improve their bottle. Actually, the bottle is fine, but the swivel twist lid is NOT, as it leaks everywhere when you decant with it onto a cotton round. I left its original lid on, unscrewed it, turned it upside down onto my cotton, then turned it right side up quickly and replaced the original screw lid after I was done. That worked for a while until the solution started eating away at the plastic sealant they've dipped the metal caps in. So bye bye to the metal and back on the plastic twist top went. Now I'm just completely unscrewing the plastic top and using it the same way as before, because as soon as you unswivel the plastic one, it leaks as you tighten it back down. 

For the price, it doesn't matter. It's truly a finicky thing to be mentioning, but I do in hopes that it might get fixed in subsequent generations. 

Overall I think this is a fabulous acid toner, easy to dilute by wetting your cotton round if you're a newbie acid user, but also a fine strength for daily or double daily use. And at the price, it's sort of a no-brainer to try. I can't think of any other product on the market with ingredients as good and a price so low. It's definitely a win for me, Face Freaks!


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